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Žemaičių plentas 73, Kaunas | How to arrive?

Entrance fee

  • 3 EUR


  • 1,50 EUR

    Students (full-time with valid ID)

    Seniors (65 and over with ID)

  • FREE

    Children (0-6)

    ICOM members

    People with a handicap/disability and one accompanying family member

Admission ends half an hour before closing time

Visitors are not allowed into the defensive wall (the underground) without a tour guide of the Museum

Reduced prices only apply when the relevant documents are provided


  • 11 EUR / 6 EUR

    Guided tour – 11 Eur (3 h)

    The history of the Ninth Fort – 6 Eur (1,5 h)

  • 5 Eur (1 h)

    Kaunas fortress in 1979-1918

    Holocaust in Lithuania


  • 4 Eur (45 min)

    Occupied Lithuania in 1940-1990

    The defensive wall of the Ninth Fort (the underground)

    The Ninth Fort as a Division of Kaunas Hard Labour Prison


The guided Tours for individual visitors and groups are provided in English, Russian

The maximum number in the group – 25 persons

Last guided tours – one hour before closing time


  • 3 Eur

    Educational activity for a group of up to 25 persons

Filming and Photography

  • 18 Eur

    for commercial purposes

  • FREE

    for personal use


  • Service is currently not available