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We invite guides to acquire accreditation at the Kaunas Ninth Fort Museum, which grants and confirms the right to conduct tours in the Museum’s expositions, memorial complex and temporary exhibitions. The museum Accreditation can be issued to persons who have guide certificates issued by the Lithuanian State Tourism Department under the Ministry of Economy or the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority

Accreditation procedure:

  1. A person who wants to receive the accreditation of the Kaunas Ninth Fort Museum must submit a request form (Appendix No. 1) by e-mail to  and pay the set accreditation fee (60 EUR), which is non-refundable. Together with the request, it is necessary to submit a documentary photo, which will be used to produce the accreditation certificate, as well as, a copy of a valid guide certificate.
  2. After filling out the request form and paying the fee, the person receives the educational methodical material prepared by the museum and prepares for the exhibition tour independently.
  3. A guide preparing for accreditation must register and conduct an accreditation tour for the accreditation commission within 1 month of receiving the methodological material.

Kaunas Ninth Fort Museum provides conditions for guides seeking accreditation (who have submitted an application and paid the accreditation fee) to enhance their knowledge and prepare for a certification tour by:

  • providing the Museum’s methodological materials and descriptions of tours and consulting on issues that have arisen. Guides seeking accreditation undertake to use the tour descriptions prepared by the Museum for educational purposes only and not distribute them.
  • allowing them to visit the Museum and participate in tours led by the Museum’s tour guides without any additional fee;

Currently, the guides can get accredited in the museum in English for the thematic excursion HOLOCAUST IN LITHUANIA.

You can find more information about the accreditation of guides in the description of the procedure for the accreditation of guides at the Kaunas Ninth Fort Museum (GUIDE ACCREDITATION IN KAUNAS NINTH FORT MUSEUM PROCEDURE DECRIPTION) or by contacting: