Today museum works until 18:00
Žemaičių plentas 73, Kaunas | How to arrive?


Kaunas Ninth Fort Museums is a historic museum in a part of a memorial complex (in 50 ha territory).

zemelapis lankytoju

Visitors can find the expositions in two buildings:

EXPOSITION OF OCCUPATIONS (Žemaičių pl. 73). The ticket office is in this building. The entrance to the museum is from the side of the underground passage that is near the highway. After taking a look at the Exposition of Occupations, visitors are then directed to the Ninth fort.


THE NINTH FORT (Žemaičių pl. 75). The tickets are not being sold in this building. Firstly, visitors have to visit the building of Exposition of Occupations and purchase a visitor‘s ticket.


The defensive wall (underground communication galleries) of the Ninth fort can only be entered with a tour guide. There are guided tours for groups as well as for individuals. The tour can be booked in advance or in the ticket office.

By purchasing museum tickets, visitors agree to follow the established order and discipline in the museum.

Visiting the territory of the museum and the memorial for the Holocaust victims is not charged, however the same museum visiting rules apply in the whole territory of the museum. We remind you that it is FORBIDDEN to walk the dogs and climb on the monument and the roofs of the museum.


Kaunas IX fort museum does not tolerate photoshoots near the monument for  the Holocaust victims. Please respect the memory of the murdered people and do not take selfies, wedding, car or other inappropriate object photos on the site of the memorial.