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  • spec pav.duona

    Duende Triste (The Sad Elf)

    Bread artwork exhibition | 2018 10 12 – 2018 12 22

    “I really love elves and maybe I have seen them (but that’s a secret). I really like them… I saw one of them in my dreams looking for a friendship with someone.” – This is how P.D. Murillo talks about his creative inspiration. Pena Diego Murillo was born in 1962, in Colombia. In his youth,… Read more
  • rpt

    L A M E N T S

    Exhibition of paintings by V. Kašinskas

    Virginijus Kašinskas was born in 1955, in Šilalė, Samogitia. He studied painting in Vilnius Art Institute (Vilnius Academy of Arts). The works of the artist have been exhibited in Lithuania since 1987. He participates in both group and personal art, painting and photography exhibitions and is a participant of republican and international exhibitions. V. Kašinskas… Read more
  • tomas_razmus-130

    Memorial Plaquette Unveiling Ceremony

    On the 13th of April, a ceremony was held to unveil a memorial plaquette near the mass murder site in the Ninth Fort. The memorial plaquette is dedicated to the german jews, who were deported from Frankfurt am Main and killed at the Ninth Fort in 1941 November 25. The ceremony was attended by the… Read more

    Public holidays in Lithuania

    Kaunas Ninth Fort Museum will be closed on these public holidays in 2018: Date Day Holiday 1 January Monday New Year’s Day 16 February Friday Independence Day 11 March Sunday Independence Restoration Day 01 April Sunday Easter Sunday 02 April Monday Easter Monday 1 May Tuesday Labour Day 6 May Sunday Mother’s Day 3 June… Read more
  • Knyga

    The release of a collection of articles

    “The Holocaust in the Eastern and Western European States Occupied by the Nazis: Studies and Memory“

    The Holocaust is a massive destruction of the Jewish nation during the Second World War. It is one of the most painful periods in the history of humankind, which symbols, meaning, and religious significance have not lost their relevance after more than 70 years. Lithuanian and foreign historians, state actors, and public figures raise issues… Read more


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