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23.09.2019 – 22.11.2019


Exhibition of drawings by Nerijus Moncevičius

By his works, Nerijus Moncevičius aims to draw the attention of the public, especially the youth, to the tragedy of Jewish people – the Holocaust. The drawings are full of symbols and they depict emotions, ruined lives of people, hopes and childhood. “It is time (for us) to change” – the author of the drawings invites to change the attitude, to admit and to talk about the past events, to be interested in history and to take thought – whether or not the present society is tolerant and open enough.

The author of the exhibition is familiar with the restriction of liberty. N. Moncevičius found an activity, which is beneficial to the society and allows him to not break down and help him to integrate into the society. He began drawing with a simple black pen and worked hard to reveal his talent. His works are unique in the technique – while drawing he uses several pens that warm up in his hands. If the line is different from what you initially wanted – you cannot erase or correct it. The author of the drawings states that many fine lines and details blend into a special achievement – people being astonished by his works. And the astonishment can turn into an interest and an impulse for a deeper learning of history.

The exhibition will be open at Kaunas Ninth Fort Museum until the November 22, 2019.